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Rokin 164

Rokin 164


Located in the heart of Amsterdam, the property offers stunning views over the Amsterdam canals, as well as easy access to cozy restaurants, practical facilities, and many shopping opportunities. The building is located next to the North-South Metro line which makes it easily accessible by public transportation.

Additionally, the building is guarded and has a manned reception area from which employees can enter with a badge. On the second floor of the building, 662 m² office space is available which can be accessed by one of the three elevators. The floor is equipped with 3 meeting rooms. Moreover, the dining area on the 3rd floor can be used on specific hours of the day and can even be utilized for events if requested. 

approx. 662 m² LFA turnkey office space

Rental price
€465,- per m² per year, ex. V.A.T and services charges.

Service costs
€80,- per m² per year, ex. V.A.T fixed costs.

Immediately available.

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